Energised Diagnostic Testing (TEGG)

Power Quality Analysis

Modern businesses rely on power more than ever and it is not always about the quantity of the power supplied but more often the quality of the supply. Electricity supplies and distribution equipment can be affected by both internal and external influences and in the majority of cases it is equipment used within the facility that is the cause of the issue. As part of the services we provide under a TEGG service agreement, power quality is measured and recorded to determine any potential weaknesses in the distribution system and to identify where any efficiencies can be made. During detailed analysis, power quality issues can be traced to specific locations and in most cases directly to the actual equipment causing the issue. The use of sophisticated electronic equipment in all modern buildings from desktop PC’s, through variable speed motor and pump drives to the high frequency ballasts used in energy efficient light fittings, all put the distribution system under undue pressure. We are happy to say that we have found and solved problems in all areas of switchgear and plant in our customers premisies. In addition, by recording and monitoring power quality and usage it is possible to make considerable savings in energy and greenhouse gas emissions.

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