Energised Diagnostic Testing (TEGG)


Thermal imaging is a well proven technology and most useful when utilised as part of a preventative maintenance regime by trained personnel. When used along side the other disciplines practiced during our TEGG service the thermal imaging camera becomes a powerful tool. Used to identify poorly terminated connections and cables, faulty circuit breakers and overloaded components and conductors, it provides a cost effective method of confirming the integrity of essential distribution equipment. When used with correctly installed infrared viewing windows it can be a totally nonintrusive means of monitoring and ensuring the ongoing, trouble-free operation of switchgear. Early detection of problems is essential and allows our customers to plan remedial works and rectify problems before they become so severe that the equipment either fails or has to be shutdown immediately. 

Often the cost and inconvenience of the secondary damage caused when a failure occurs is many times greater than the cost of repairing the component that originally failed. Many customers also see the benefits of the other uses of thermography and we often carry out building surveys, condition monitoring of pipe insulation and motor bearings and pump drives, all of which has a direct and significant cost saving benefit when considered as part of a proactive maintenance regime. 

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