Energised Diagnostic Testing (TEGG)

Ultrasonic Analysis of a Building Riser

Ultrasonic Analysis

Electrical discharge - arcing, tracking and corona - within electrical equipment has the potential for severe damage and costly, disruptive and sometimes catastrophic failures. Arcing tracking and corona all produce ultrasound in the form of ionisation. This ultrasonic disturbance can be detected using either a contact module on the external surfaces of equipment such as high voltage switchgear and transformers as well as with an airborne module that will detect ultrasound coming from connections and terminations. These different discharges all have very specific sound signatures which occur at a frequency outside our hearing range. These discharges can be detected by the ultrasonic probes used during TEGG service works and then converted to a signal that cannot only be heard but also analysed using spectral analysis software. These files can be used to determine the severity of the issue and also the urgency of any remedial action necessary.

Sound Analysis using spectral analysis software

They can also be kept for further trending of the issue and to assist in planning scheduled maintenance tasks. In addition to the electrical applications of ultrasonic detection, we are able to provide condition based monitoring of other business-critical assets such as bearings on pumps and motors, isolation and motorised valves in cooling/heating systems and compressed air and gas leakage, all of which are expensive to maintain and repair should a failure occur.  

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